Oferecemos experiências de Enduro nas montanhas do norte de Portugal e em pista nas aulas de iniciação, passeios On Road em Portugal e Espanha e passeios Off Road em Portugal, Marrocos, Vietnam, Mongólia e Nepal.


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Understand deeply the Vietnamese cultures, be closer to local people, and on top of that, gain the best motorcycle touring experiences that you will never forget


€2100 per person
10 Days 6 Days Riding
18+ Age

Hanoi → Vu Linh → Ha Giang → Dong Van → Meo Vac → Bao Lac → Ba be → Hanoi

This is one of the most iconic tours in northern Vietnam. During 6 intense days, by motorbike or jeep, you will have the opportunity to glimpse the best mountain landscapes of northern Vietnam. It is a remote region with friendly people, colorful tribes and other rather underdeveloped and unadulterated tourist sites, which in itself is well worth exploring. We will also have the opportunity to see other places and attractions such as: Lake Ba Be, Lake Thac Ba… Precisely because it is a remote region, the route will be characterized by less road and less traffic than usual, making it one of the trips. most unforgettable motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

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    Porto, Portugal
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    Carro de assistência
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    Transporte da mota
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    Serviços adicionais (massagens, etc.)

Tour Plan

Day 1 - Departure from Oporto
Day 2 - Arrive to Hanoi
Hotel accommodation
Day 3 - Hanoi Motorbike Tour to Thac Ba Lake – Vu Linh.
180km 8:30am - 4:30pm We started the first day following to the north of Hanoi by a small winding path along the Red River. We will enjoy the view of the river and rice fields, divided by tree-lined roads, as this is a country of extensive agriculture. Here we will have the opportunity to satisfy our curiosity in everyday life in the wild. We will follow a small road to Vu Linh village, populated by an ethnic minority called Dzao, right next to Thac Ba Lake. The people are very friendly and receive us in an exceptional way. Weather permitting, we will take a boat trip on Thac Ba Lake. The night will be spent at a local family's home in Vu Linh. Included in this day: Homestay in Vu Linh.
Day 4 - Thac Ba lake – Ha Giang
180km 8:30am - 4:30pm After a wonderful breakfast it will be time to say goodbye to the local Dzao family who welcomed us the night before. We will then continue our route along Lake Thac Ba through a small road surrounded by palm trees and panoramic mountain views. We will pass National Road 2 towards Ha Giang, where permission will be required for the motorcycle ride to Dong Van Rock Plateau and the border area in the following days. At the end of this day we will arrive at Tay village where we will spend the night. Included in this day: Accommodation and dinner at a local homestay in the village of Tay.
Day 5 - Ha Giang to The Dong Van Rock Plateau
160km 8:30am - 4:30pm Today we will have the opportunity to do one of the best motorbike tours in Vietnam through a really challenging (but extremely beautiful) small mountain path in the land of the colorful tribes (Hmong flower, Nung Tay). It's amazing to see how tribes survive and how they adapt to live on rocks. Once we get to the city, there will be time available to admire the old streets lined with H'mong mud brick houses and the roofs that were built centuries ago. Included in this day: local homestay accommodation in Dong Van.
Day 6 - Dong Van – Bao Lac
110km 8:30am - 4:30pm Meo Vac has the largest rock plateau of Dong Van and is about 1000m above sea level. So we will enjoy the morning to have a delicious breakfast in the open air. Then we will continue our motorbike route along the winding rock plateau, enjoying some of the mountains to Meo Vac where we will stop for lunch. In the afternoon we will go down the hill along the river and see the magnificent view of the mountains (less rocky and greener). Depending on each driver, we can offer another alternative route for the bravest, but we recommend that this route be made only by those who feel comfortable and have a lot of experience. We will arrive at the city of Bao Lac at 4.30 pm Included in this day: Hotel Lodging in Bao Lac.
Day 7 - Bao Lac – Ba Be Lake
150km 8:30am - 4:30pm We will start the day at 8am and still have time to take a boat trip on Lake Ba Be. It will also be on this 5th day that we will have the opportunity to do one of the best offroad tours around Vietnam. After 20km from Bao Lac, we will enter a narrow bumpy road with stunning rice fields. We will also cross river streams where some bamboo bridges cross. At the end of this memorable day we will arrive in a quiet village near Ba Be Lake where we will have lunch. In the afternoon, it is time to relax or swim in one of Vietnam's most beautiful natural lakes.
Day 8 - Ba Be Lake – Hanoi
240km 8:30am - 4:30pm During the 6th day, we will head towards the Red River Delta, past inhabited areas and minority peoples such as Hmong, Dao, Tay and Nung. It will be possible to contemplate a mix of both peoples, but the best surprise is over: a challenging track and a glorious path back to Hanoi. The grand motorbike trip through northern Vietnam to Ha Giang will end safely in Hanoi before the afternoon.
Day 9 - Visit to Lan Ha Bay
Day 10 - Free Day
Visit the city of Hanoi. Return to Portugal at 10:00pm
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